Let’s make Love and Listen to Death From Above

5 million hits in one week on Youtube alone. DFA, Toronto, there is LOVE! Live it!


Mother’s Easy Flight to Likedom

Mother makes it sound easy.  Heating up the blogosphere with only two tracks, although the band has apparently recorded enough material for a full release, Mother is likely to blow up Arctic Monkeys stile. Formed in Brooklyn in late 2013 and recording in various apartments across Echo Park, New York and Chicago, the […]


Mexico City Blondes

You need some serious mojo to carry a name like Mexico City Blondes.  Really now!  Fade delivers the cool smoke of Allie Thompson’s voice over playful guitar licks and pleasurably familiar head nodding rhythms.  Simple and cool definitely does it here and Fade grows on you with every listen. Hypem has Mexico […]


Sticky Fingers – Gold Snafu

Posted this earlier this year, but Sticky’s new video just makes a great case for moustache envy!  Eat your heart out Movembers.  Gold Snafu’s is bigger than yours.


The Shelters – Birdwatching (Live)

Hey band. Nice jam bus!! …or is it a time capsule? Nice to see that rock and roll still lives big in small spaces.